In order to rent a bike, it is mandatory to register and to activate your Poreč Bike Share account.

You can register by completing the form on or via mobile application or directly on the nextbike terminal.

Poreč Bike Share account activation requires a valid credit or debit card on which there is a minimum amount necessary for activation listed in the price list.

Valid credit cards: MasterCard, VISA, Diners and American Express (only website) and Visa Electron debit card.

In order to activate PAY AS YOU GO option, you need to pay HRK 10. This is Poreč Bike Share credit which you can use for bike rentals. First hour costs HRK 10 and every additional hours costs HRK 20. You can also activate a 7 day BASIC PACKAGE which enables you to ride 30 minutes for free every day during 7 day period. Once first 30 free minutes are used, your credit is being spent as per PAY AS YOU GO pricelist. If you actvate PREMIUM PACKAGE for HRK 199 per year, you will enjoy all the benefits of bike sharing concept and have the most affordable rentals throught the whole year in Poreč and more than 120 cities which are a part of nextbike network worldwide. Each ride up to 30 minutes is free of charge and after that your credit is being spent as per PAY AS YOU GO pricelist.

The duration of your rentals during each day adds up. You can make several shorter rentals or one 30 minutes rental depending on your preferences. First 30 minutes every day will be free of charge. After you spend free 30 minutes per day, first hour costs HRK 10 and each additional hour will result in a deduction of your account balance for HRK 20 per hour.

Poreč Bike Share official stations are located at five locations: Špadići near Valamar Pinia hotel, Borik below Valamar Pical hotel, Centar Lungomare, Centar Riva near Valamar Riviera hotel and Brulo beach below Valamar Diamant hotel.

Send us a request for new PIN to info(at) or call +385 1 777 6534. We will send you a new PIN by email or SMS.

Every Poreč Bike Share user can rent only one bike per one user account. In order to rent more bikes, the other person needs to register and pay their activation fee.

Poreč Bike Share services are available to adults over 18 years of age. Persons under the age of 18 are permitted to use our services only if they are accompanied by an adult who rents the bikes in their name. In this case, an adult person is responsible for a minor.

Log in to with your mobile phone number and PIN and check your account riding history, bike numbers you rented and your account balance; you can also activate tariffs or order a customer card.

Log in to with your mobile phone number and PIN and ask for a customer card under ”Change option and nextbike card” or simply send an email to info(at)

Yes, you can download for free the official mobile application called „nextbike“ for Android i iPhone i Windows Phone

When you return the bike, make sure to push the bike into the rack all the way until you hear the „beep“ sound. If the electromagnetic lock successfully locks the bike, your return will be automatically recorded in the system and there is no need to make a return on the terminal or via mobile application. If you would like to confirm your successful return, you can visit and log in on your account or check thestatus of your rental via mobile app or via our call center by calling +385 1 777 6534.

If there are no available racks at the station, you need to lock your bike with a mechanical lock for the nearest bike that is locked in the rack. After that it is necessary to return the bike manually via terminal or via mobile app or via our call center by calling +385 1 777 6534.

In above case, please rent the bike that is not locked in the rack, i.e. the latter one, unlock the lock code and enjoy the ride.

A 4-digit lockcode needs to be set at the middle thicker and marked line and once set it needs to be pulled out to unlock the bike.

In such case please return the bike and rent another one and kindly report the issue to info(at) or via mobile app or via call center +385 1 777 6534.

Poreč Bike Share system will not allow you to rent a bike which is not in good order. Once our service staff checks and repairs the bike, the bike will be available for rentals again. We only offer fully functional bikes to our customers.

Our mission is to provide quick and easy rentals and safe bikes. If you notice that something is wrong with the bike or terminal, please report an issue either via terminal, mobile app or call center so we can solve the problem in a timely manner. Reporting an issue is free of charge!

Poreč Bike Share system is available to all users from March 01 until October 31.